A Quick Overview Of Homework Disadvantages And Advantages

There are many advantages and disadvantages to doing homework. In fact, it will largely depend upon the perspective of the individual, so as to determine whether something is a positive or a negative.

Of course, most students will only see the negative side of doing work, as it prevents them from doing other more enjoyable activities. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily mean that the work is disadvantageous.

The following will discuss some of the pros and cons of doing work at home.


  • Students develop research and organizational skills
  • As well as helping students to learn about a particular subject that they are doing the work for, doing work at home can also develop a range of skills. For example, students will generally have to research more information; therefore, they can develop research skills. Likewise, it is important for students to organize their time effectively, which means that they will learn organizational skills. Both of these skills can be particularly useful later on in life in a wide range of different careers.

  • Students can be assessed more easily
  • By requiring students to do work outside lesson times, teachers are able to see whether or not students actually grasped what they have learned, and gives them a regular way of assessing individuals. In fact, sometimes, with so many individuals in the same class, it can be difficult to assess all of the strengths and weaknesses of individuals during class time.


  • Students already have too much work
  • With so many exams that students have to focus on these days, as well as a wide range of other pressures, it is often argued that young people have so much stress in their life already that requiring them to do extra work is simply unnecessary. Furthermore, it prevents students from taking part in a range of other activities, such as sport, which could otherwise be incredibly healthy and beneficial for them.

  • Students can simply copy the work
  • Another major disadvantage is the fact that students can simply copy the work. Either they can copy what their friends have done or, with the Internet, it is very easy to find a wide range of different prewritten samples. In fact, there are professional writing agencies on the Internet that even provide bespoke writing services, and will do the work directly for students, by creating custom written essays and answers.