How To Deal With A Lot Of Homework: Time Management Tips

It can be difficult to finish all of your homework, be involved in your community, have friends, go to church, and play a sport or activity. There are times when the work is just not finished, but then you fall behind in activities and in knowledge and feel stressed about upcoming evaluations. The whole situation can be quite stressful for you. It could also result in lower grades. Use our time management tips to help prevent a stressful life and low grades.


  • Form a Peer Study Group-talk to your friends and see if they might want to have an online or a real time homework group. You can meet on a regular basis; all will carry their own load and support each other for a strong collaboration. Studies have shown that when kids work together they learn more in less time.
  • Go for Extra Help-your teachers are required to have a weekly extra help day. Some teachers have them before school and some instructors hold then after school. If you cannot meet on the scheduled day, then ask well in advance for a different time appointment.
  • Have a dedicated work space-do not work at the kitchen table. You must have a dedicated workspace where you can leave your books and papers out and not have to move them for dinnertime. Make sure you are not near the electronic devices, which will keep you distracted from you work. Keep a big calendar on the desk or wall where you can write your due dates and milestones obligations. Make sure you have plenty of pens, paper, and folders.
  • Hire a tutor or a writing center- if your budget allows for it then consider hiring help in order to keep you on task with your homework. A tutor can help with all subjects including time management skills. You can meet as little or as often as you wish, but you usually have a set appointment time. And most tutors still charge for cancellations. Tutors can be expensive. You can also hire a writing company for your researching, outline, writing, and editing needs.

While searching for time management tips for dealing with all of your homework use a peer study group, go for extra help, have a dedicated workspace, and hire a writing tutor or use a writing center.