Homework Should Be Banned: Reasons That Convince Me

Homework can indeed be a significant tool that aids a student to digest the concepts learnt in the class. Nonetheless, they are most likely going to lack someone to sit next to them and aid them to do things correctly. As a result, they end up exercising bad habits and learning wrong methods of handling these problems. This is not beneficial in any way as it instead worsens the situation. The following arguments have won me over that assignments should be illegalized.

Assignments are done when a student is tired

They are more often than not attended to when a student is bored after a tiring school day. The students are therefore not at their best when they settle down to tackle the extra work at home. Assignments are hence done in a hurry by fatigued students who present pitiable caliber work.

They have little educational worth

Research shows that assignments do not add anything to test marks. Comparisons of students have revealed that there exists absolutely no positive connection between the quantity of prep and examination marks. Consequently, more prep implies worse results.

Students do not develop good study skills

Giving prep is very insignificant in formulating beneficial study skills. It is actually difficult to deduce whether the work students craft is theirs because some copy from their friends. A much better method is to have various actions in class that aid students to cultivate independent studying.

Production of pointless work

Assignments lead to the output of enormous quantities of purposeless work of little or no informative value. This in turn makes teachers tired and with less time to get ready for more efficacious classes.

Discouragement of students

The preps dishearten students from learning. Many of them view assignments as very tiring and nerve- wrecking. At times, a teacher fails to expound something more understandably in class rendering the task to be done at home hard. Therefore, the students pay with their time for the teacher’s weakness.

Consumption of valuable of time

One needs a lot of time to finish a given assignment. This is even more apparent in young kids who are still learning how to compose top quality work. Other than engaging in academic work, children need time to perform other important activities such as doing exercise, exploring their surroundings, playing music and involving in community affairs. Hence, prep deprives them of their valuable time which they could employ in performing the above essential activities.