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Many students arrive at the end of the last term of the academic year in July and enjoy these few months of having no homework to complete and hand in on time, having done with dissertations, essays and thesis'. Now we begin the next year and the new term, this guide is to help you find your way and for the first years that may be asking what is a dissertation? What is an essay? And what is a thesis? And how do we approach these tasks?


A dissertation is an end of term project. An assessment that requires a full in-depth exploration of a topic that you or your tutor chooses. This is your opportunity to be independent and show exactly what you have learned. Typically a dissertation is a degree program.


An essay is a formal piece of academic writing that requires you to evaluate and analyze information. This requires a combined fact and opinion ratio on one subject. An essay can range from being four parts or simply two paragraphs.


A thesis is a clear statement of your personal opinion, and typically your essay has to include a thesis.

The key, of course, is to begin first with your research, is there a particular subject that your essay must be on? With all of your research complete you can begin to highlight all of the text that you will need to incorporate in your thesis. This will help you to see straight away what you need.

Freelance sites, such as a person's personal blog, are not a reliable source to consult for homework answers. It is advisable that freelance sites must be taken with a pinch of salt. Rely on those that have a current social media presence and those that are a registered school and/or college.

Making time for your homework is crucial and must be when you are feeling rested. You need to be equipped with stationary and fresh sheets of paper. You know what it is that you need and if that is a quiet, isolated, space then it is your responsibility to arrange that.

If it is needed, you could perhaps take short breaks to have a snack and refocus on the task at hand.

To conclude be clear on what is you must research and spend no more time that you need to it. Highlight the information you need to complete your homework and start in the environment that works best for you. Do not forget to have all of the equipment you will need, pencil, pen, paper, etc. Allow yourself a break and refocus. Work hard.