Why Homework Should Be Banned Until High School: Great Advice

Homework has been a part of the life of every students since before any of us were born. It is just one of those things that we do, and were never told why, we just know that it is a part of school life, however, lately, many people, students and parents alike, have been starting to challenge this norm and have made some convincing arguments to support their views. In the following points I will outline five good reason why homework should not be given to students, until they have entered high school:

  1. Too much school work can cause disinterest in education.
  2. There are a growing number of high school students who are choosing other, usually nonproductive, pastimes and many of them say that this trend is partly influenced by the constant interaction with academic principles that homework brings to their life. There are many levels of education above the high school era and when these times come around the student may be equipped with the tools for lengthy periods of study.

  3. Takes away too much from family time.
  4. Before establishing a relationship with the teacher an efficient and proper family setting should be created. This environment have been shown to nurture the natural retention of academic information and processes. Parallel to the accumulation of career oriented information through the school systems should be the growing closeness between family members for this aspect of humanity, when denied fulfillment, degrades the moral standing of an individual.

  5. Children need time to develop their own natural abilities.
  6. Giving students homework at this level of the academic structure can inhibit the other social and individualistic development as it may decrease the time after school that they would have available to interact with their peers. Activities like sport or music can inspire a teenager to never give up and try to excel in their studies therefore, strengthening this equally important aspect of an individuals life should be paramount.

  7. Teachers use homework as an excuse to be lazy.
  8. Some people share the view that when teachers give lengthy homework assignments they are actually decreasing their workload and possible chances at becoming a mentor to certain students. Some parent go as far as taking corresponding action to allow homework to be omitted from their child’s curriculum.

  9. Parents often do not have time to supervise outrageous homework requests.
  10. Most of the large assignments are heavily worked on and influenced by parents and this negates learning.