How To Do Biology Homework With Ease: 6 Great Techniques

The way to get your homework done in biology fast and easy is to know a few pointers. If you are looking for great techniques to zip through your homework, you’ve come to the right place. Biology has a lot of memorizing. It isn’t like math, where you have to solve problems. But you need to keep your memory in tip-top shape.

6 successful strategies for biology homework

  1. Exercise your memory. You can do this several ways. First of all, play some memory games. You can even make a memory match game with biology terms, molecule names and structures, etc. For example, one card would have the word DNA on it and another card would have the chemical structure or what DNA does in the body. These two cards would be a match. Make an entire set of cards this way, using little 3x5 index cards.
  2. Another technique to memorize in biology is to use a large poster board and draw out a cycle or process on the board. Put it up in your bedroom. Each time you walk past the poster, look at it and talk out loud about it. Memorize one small part of it each time. Close your eyes and “see” the diagram in your mind. For example, the Krebs cycle.
  3. Be effective when it comes time to do homework problems and do them efficiently. How is this done? First of all, don’t focus on anything else during this time. If you have set aside 2 hours to do homework, don’t watch TV. Don’t look at social media on the computer. Get in the right frame of mind to concentrate on your studies.
  4. Set a timer for yourself. For 20-30 minutes at a time, see how much you can get accomplished. If you have done well, give yourself a 5-6 minute break to get up and stretch and get a snack and drink of water. Then do another 30 minute homework marathon. Your biology questions will get done faster than you think using this method.
  5. Another great technique is to always do your assignments in the same area, preferably not your bedroom and definitely not on your bed. This just isn’t a location conducive to study. It’s a sleeping area and you might get drowsy instead.
  6. Think of your assignments in a positive light. Instead of drudgery, it is learning and you are getting smarter with all this new knowledge.