10 Fun Facts About The History Of Homework In The US

School homework has gone through radical changes in USA over the last 100 years. It has seen a period of absolute dormancy; then a slight tremor and also a stage when it has erupted like an active volcano.

Worth and sustenance

There has been enough debate on the worth and sustenance of assignments. While there are many laureates who feel they should be abolished, some feel that they should be there to keep kids disciplined. As it is, nowadays, kids generally don’t report to parents what they are doing in their study room. They should at least have something to report to their teachers.

Taking a look

Since the time has now come to take a full-fledged decision on the fate of homework, we feel that we should also pontificate on some of the interesting trivia related to it. The whole accumulation ranges from early 20th century to the present date. They are herein placed

  1. In the early 20th century, high school students would get homework worth 1 hour per week. In fact, the general tradition was to enter the family profession after finishing middle school.
  2. Many parents would whine on seeing their kids indulged in assignments at home as well.
  3. The whole homework scenario changed when USSR launched Sputnik satellite.
  4. In a manner of saying, the Cold War had more effect on school kids than it had on Vietnam
  5. It has now been analyzed that homework does not guarantee better performances in exams. Wonder what the students would not have given for this information when the assignments were given in full flow.
  6. Homework was not impacted by 1st and 2nd World War but fell a passive victim to Cold War.
  7. Many third world countries did not have the system of assignments because they did not have enough electricity to help students in the evening and night.
  8. The incidences of 20th century have added to history assignments what the accumulation of earlier centuries didn’t do.
  9. History suggests that about 80% of assignments given in school are time-consuming and of no developmental value to the kids.
  10. The world is round and very soon, assignments will reach the 1905 scenario.

An amazing take

It is amazingly funny how USA is the only superpower of the world. Perhaps because of the abnegation of dread that USSR commanded for a lengthy period, the country is feeling the urge to relieve kids. One wonders what will happen if another country comes out of the fold to become a superpower.